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What Are Your Tire Wear Patterns Telling You?

tire wear patterns

What are your Tire wear patterns telling you? Your Vehicle’s Tires can wear out in different patterns based on a variety of issues that may be occurring in Your Vehicle.

Please take a look at the Tire Wear image above. Do you see any of these Tire Wear patterns? It may be as simple as adding more air to your Tires, or releasing some air from your Tires, if you see excessive side Tire Wear or center Tire Wear. This is a simple solution to Your Vehicle’s Issue. However, if you see any of the other irregular Tire Wear Patterns, it is time to check in with Your Local Mechanic, as it can be a sign of a bigger issue with Your Vehicle.

If you have any Tire Wear concerns, or any other concerns, with Your Vehicle, we are happy to help! Please call Daltons Midway at 360-386-8571.

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