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Radiator and cooling system

A radiator, is like a series of veins that conducts heat from the inside and allows outside air to carry it away. Today’s radiators are made of plastic and they are built to last about 10 years. But with proper maintenance, they can last longer! 

Radiator Service Details

What are some signs that you need a Radiator repair or replacement?

  • Leaking fluid – if see a bright green, orange or pink colored liquid on your driveway.
  • Rising temperature gauge – a quick change in temperature is an indicator your radiator is leaking. As the radiator rises and falls with the engine temperature, small changes or drops in the reservoir are not unusual. But a significant drop is a sign of leakage.
  • Rust and discoloration – on your radiator and the surrounding engine components is a sure sign of a leak.
  • Lack of preventative maintenance – Check your car manual and make sure you are getting regular coolant flushes to prevent a leak. When coolant sours, it becomes acidic and may become more conductive. This will eat the aluminum of the radiator away and cause a leak.