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Engine Performance

Your engine is the most important major component of your car. If it isn’t in good working order, you may face a host of problems that can be avoided with relatively simple maintenance. At Daltons Midway Service we provide all of the expertise and parts needed to keep your engine running happily and at peak efficiency.

Engine Performance Services Often Include:

What are some signs that you need an engine performance review?

A sure sign that your engine should be looked at by an expert sooner than later is the “check engine” warning. Newer vehicles have an On-Board Diagnostics System that will detect an engine issue and store the corresponding repair code, which can be accessed by a member of our service staff. Slow-cranking, rough idling, stalling, knocking, or pinging while accelerating are all signs that you should seek engine repairs or engine diagnostics to determine the full extent of your engine trouble. A decrease in gas mileage and detectable loss of power during acceleration are also signs of an impending engine tune-up or engine repair service.