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Team Outing, Entangled Escape Rooms
Great quarterly team outing at Entangled Escape Rooms, Marysville!

This year, we have started a new tradition with our Daltons Midway shops. During the summer, we had a Team Building Outing involving miniature golf and axe-throwing. (No Mechanics were harmed.) For our Autumn Team Outing, we went to Entangled Escape Rooms in Marysville.

I won’t give away the storyline, so that anyone else doing the Annihilation room doesn’t get any spoilers. But this was a fantastic activity for the group. Everyone had so much fun. Especially a group of Auto Mechanics, who are naturally inclined to find evidence and solve problems.

We started this tradition as a Team Building Activity, but I realized that this event in particular allowed all staff from both shops to work together in a fun environment. We were part of the roughly 20% who actually escaped the room in time! This shows that we have a good, solid team who can put their heads together and strategize well in any situation.

If you have a lingering Vehicle Issue and you’d like our staff to try to problem-solve for you, please make an appointment on our website, or give us a call at 360-386-8571. Thanks!

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