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Brake Maintenance Is Important!

Stopping — one of the most important functions of your vehicle

Brakes. We’re frequently told that we need to keep them in good shape — which is important, since they’re what stops your vehicle. Being able to stop is very important! So we want to encourage Brake Maintenance for all of our customers.

How do you know when your Vehicle’s Brakes need to be looked at, or possibly have the Brake Pads replaced? Aside from Your Vehicle Manufacturer’s recommendations, as well as your Brakes being regularly inspected when you do maintenance at your Local Mechanic, here are a few things to look for. Is your Car taking longer than normal to stop? Does your Car vibrate or squeak when you apply the Brakes? If either or all of these are true, it’s time to get your Brakes looked at for Brake Maintenance. We are happy to help at Daltons Midway — give us a call at 360-386-8571, or schedule at our website, and we’ll keep you stopping safely!

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