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Exhaust & Mufflers

An exhaust system takes used fuel and air charge from the engine, cleans out hazardous pollutants. It also silences it before pushing it out of of the vehicle. Common components of the exhaust system are the exhaust manifolds, catalytic converters, flexible sections, center pipes, exhaust resonators and mufflers. These items work together to reduce noise and vibration, remove heat, and eliminate harmful emissions from the engine.

In An Exhaust and Muffler Inspection, we will examine the:

What are some signs that you need an Exahust or Muffler repair?

If you experience the any of the following:

  •  Loud thumps, growls, or bangs
  •  Signs of rust
  •  A vibration or shaking of your muffler when idling
  •  If your muffler is dangling lower than normal

If you have a loud sound coming from your automobile, it is essential to get your exhaust system checked as soon as possible.